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Equine Breathe -Eze

Equine Breathe -Eze

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Equine Breathe -Eze formula

• Nourishes Yin
• Moistens lungs
• Stops coughing
• Dissolves mucus
• Strengthens lung energy
Each jar contains 15 tea bags

A traditional Chinese herbal formula for horses to help maintain healthy respiration and lungs. Lung deficiency may cause dryness, coughing, mucus overproduction, and a decrease in energy. Beneficial for all competing equine athletes, specifically three-day eventing, Grand Prix jumping, racing, and barrel racing. Can be used for “bleeders” in preparation for races, up to one month in advance. It is recommended to use one packet per day and to mix it in with night feed. It can be used in combination with other formulas just before racing.

Ingredients: Perilla Leaf, Poria, Pinellia Rhizome, Scolopendra, Agastaches.

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