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Equine Fertility One

Equine Fertility One

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Equine Fertility One formula

Strengthens blood
• Warms and strengthens reproduction meridians
• Ensures proper nourishment of mare
Each jar contains 15 tea bags, FREE DELIVERY

quine Fertility One and Two are non-hormonal herbal preparations for mares before and during pregnancy. They help purify and tone the reproductive system while stimulating optimal endocrine function to assure maximum fertility and a healthy pregnancy. Once the mare is pregnant, use Fertility Two. This formula will nourish and harmonize blood and Qi, strengthen the kidneys, and regulate spleen and stomach. By taking care of the mare, the fetus will be healthy. Other formulas are available for the complications of birth and post-partum. Equine Gold can also be used on stallions to assist in increasing healthy semen production and improving sexual performance.

Ingredients: Fertility One: Nutgrass Galingale Rhizome, Wormwoodlike Motherwort Herb, Indian Bread, Eucommia Bark, Prepared Rehmannia Root, Largeleaf Gentian Root, Burmann Cinnamon Bark, Himalayan Teasel Root, Common Peony Root. Fertility Two: Ginseng Root, Falcate Micromelum Root, Indian Bread, Prepared Rehmannia Root, Common Peony Root, Chuanxiong Rhizome, Prepared Ural Licorice Root.

Direction: Open and mix the contents of one packet with a small amount of feed, once each day or as recommended. For temperamental eaters, mix with molasses or apple sauce. For faster action, administer as a decoction. Bring 500ml(2 cups) of water to a boil in a non-metallic pot, Pour water over packet, let steep for 5-10 minutes. Mix tea and contents of packet with feed. Give the tea mixture to the horse while it is still as warm as the horse can comfortably eat it. Never reheat cold tea. store container in a cool, dry place..

Clinical Notes for Equine Fertility

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 12 basic situations which can be related to gynecology (ie, pregnancy). Chinese anatomy refers to meridians (channels of energy) as well as internal organs.

Three organs are most important in gynecology: • kidneys: in charge of reproduction, bones, marrow, etc.
• liver: smoothly disperses Qi
• spleen: transports, transforms, and manufactures blood.

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