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Equine React -Free One

Equine React -Free One

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*Relieve allergies for running eyes and nose, food sensitivities, scratching, licking, itchy skin reactions Each Jar contains 15 TEA BAGS. Each jar contains 15 tea bags

These formulas are used to help relieve dry, itchy skin caused by allergic reactions to insects, foods, food additives, environmental factors, and synthetic materials. They are also effective in assisting to control scratching, biting, and licking associated with skin eruptions. Running eyes and nose are also remedied, as well as hair loss due to skin reactions. Only after using Equine React-free One and all skin symptoms have been relieved, is Equine React-free Two used to complete the healing process.

Ingredients: Ledebouriella Root, Atractylodis Rhizome, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Pinellia Rhizome, Jing Jie Stem or Bud.

Direction: Open and mix the contents of one packet with a small amount of feed, once each day or as recommended. For temperamental eaters, mix with molasses or apple sauce. For faster action, administer as a decoction. Bring 500ml(2 cups) of water to a boil in a non-metallic pot, Pour water over packet, let steep for 5-10 minutes. Mix tea and contents of packet with feed. Give the tea mixture to the horse while it is still as warm as the horse can comfortably eat it. Never reheat cold tea. store container in a cool, dry place.

Made in Canada

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