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Equine Spry Two

Equine Spry Two

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Equine Spry Two Formula

• Relieves pain
• Softens bony growths
• Relieves joint dysplasia
• Mends bones, tendons, muscles Each Jar contains 15 tea bags

This is a deeper, slower acting formula for older animals with arthritis, dysplasia, and common problems of limited joint function and movement. It helps soften calcifications and remove pain while allowing natural movement to wear away irritating bony growths. Used to assist treating defined disorders such as: bone hyperplasia, spondylitis associated with bone hyperplasia, slipped or dislocated intervertebral disc, sciatica due to protruding disc, or osteoporosis.

Ingredients: Drynaria Rhizome, Broomrape Fleshy Stem, Chinese Foxglove Root, Aerial parts of Epimedium, Gold Money Herb.

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