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Vitachine WLB2

Vitachine WLB2

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Vitachine WLB2 (21 Packets) -

Traditional Chinese herbal formula to strengthen blood for the heart, to eliminate nervous agitation, palpitation(with distress), disturbed spirit, insomnia, and deep fatigue. Helps focus during competition(take one hour before competition) and stressful situations.

Directions & Dosage: Twice daily, one packet each time. Open packet and put contents in cup. Pour boiling water in cup and steep. Stir with wooden spoon. Drink tea, including residue, as warm as possible.
100% Natural Ingredients: Chinese Foxglove Root, Indian Bread with Hostwood, Chinese Arborvitae Seed, Ginseng Root, Ophiopogonis Root, Salvia Root, Scrophularia Root, Polygala Root, Irkutsk Anemone Rhizome, Schisandra Fruit.

Made in Canada from imported ingredients.

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